The wireless telecoms sector is booming - we help power excellence in those driving the connectivity revolution.


We equip startups and SMEs in the wireless telecoms sector with the data, market research and strategic consultancy services they need to deliver their expertise efficiently, at scale and most importantly, profitably.


With 5G being rolled out globally, and the exciting new use cases this convergence promises, every day, new market entrants are appearing.


Many are super specialist, have a product market fit and promise great innovation, yet, so often, the barriers to market entry are formidable; the resources required to scale up are in short supply.


At Lease Capital International, we focus on gathering relevant data and undertaking market research projects to allow us to offer a range of solutions and packages tailored to generating additional revenue and profitability. 


We enable market entrants to access the data and information they need to enter and scale within their market with precision, cost-efficiency and speed. We provide established firms the strategy and tools to visualise their existing data in new ways, as well as undertake custom competitor analyses, marketing strategies communication and operational assistance.


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